How You Can Go Above Average in the Next 60 Days – Tips to know

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How to go above average


How you can go above average in the next 60 days – This article has more than enough to teach you. It can inspire you and make you move from where you are to the next step that will be of great benefit to you. Being an average person is not something nice but we are still average. The question is how do we go out from it. Life is all about stepping from one level to another. See full steps on how to go above average.


What is Average?

To me average is a point in our life where we live below our expectation, when we live in mediocrity and comfortable with the less we receive in life.


Average is a point where we don’t live our full potential, we live a limited life, we achieve little and complain about everything and do nothing about it…

If u see an average person you will know they always complain about the economic, they always discuss problems, they always confess negative things, they don’t take time to develop themselves.

Some are very busy with work but the work doesn’t reflect in their lives, they always complain about money at each point in their life, they always complain about something.


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That is the definition for average and I believe you now understand average what average is all about. Do you know that 80% of the population are average people. Yes that is the real truth.

Please answer these questions with our sincere mind.

If your answers to the first 2 questions

Are you happy with your current state of life?

Are you living your full potential?

Do you still complain that things are not going well?

If the first your first two answers are NO and YES to the last, it means that you are an average person

Note; I am not saying to be an average is bad, but if u really want to be happy in life and live a free life then u need to move from that point of average to the point where u can get more in life and live your full potential.

As a student, an average student is the one getting D and C in his or her result they don’t fail just that they can’t get A or B. Though, they desire to score A or B and become an excellent student but they can’t, just because, they are average. There is a common saying that says; you cannot succeed above your level of improvement and is true… Pure truth

I know your questions now is; “How can I get out of average? I want to get out of this point where I am. How can I do that?

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Why are some people successful while some are not

One thing you need to understand that average point is a comfort point or comfort zone. Is the point where you are and you don’t want to get out of that place.

To get out of comfort zone require tremendous amount of hard work, the work is very demanding, most people can’t pay that price, that is why we have more average people in the society and in school. I am still an average person also, but I am working everyday to get out of it. YOU CAN DO SAME…

In our next episode, I will give u simple steps you can apply to your life that will start improving you. So join us.

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I really want to appreciate you for reading this long post. Thanks a lot. We can always create the kind of life we want if only we can make dedication to ourselves for constant improvement…


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Ezeine Christian



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