NMFB Covid-19 TCF Household Loan Payment 2022: How to Check and Confirm Loan Status Approval as FG Begins Payment

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NMFB Covid-19 TCF Household Loan Payment 2022: How to Check and Confirm Loan Status Approval as FG Begins Payment via nmfb.gov.ng Portal – This is to guide all that registered in the COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) Loan for Households, Microenterprises and SMEs on how to check your loan status and confirm for payment. This will help you to know if you will be among those that would be paid in NMFB Covid-19 Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) disbursement of fund payment. SEE HOW TO CHECK YOUR COVID-19 TCF LOAN STATUS HERE



NMFB Covid-19 TCF Household Loan Payment 2022: How to Check and Confirm Loan Status Approval as FG Begins Payment via nmfb.gov.ng Portal

There is need to check your Covid-19 TCF Household loan 2022 status to enable you know if your loan application have been approved for payment.

This will give you insight on when you will be paid and the possible amount you will be paid.

All that applied for COVID19 Loan through Nirsal NMFB TCF portal can now check their loan status and know if their online loan application have been approved.

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Portal to Check your Covid19 TCF Household Loan Status – Covid-19 Loan Approval Portal

Note: Covid19 loan is given to all that qualified that is those that meet up with the Covid19 loan requirements for household and SME applicants.

You can also check if your NMFB COVID-19 loan 2022 is been approved

P-AADS Farmers Loan Registration Application Form Portal 2022 | Apply for FG CBN N2Billion Loan

The COVID-19 Loan Status 2022, has my loan been approved by NIRSAL MFB.


Loans are giving to applicants who meet up with the application requirements for COVID19 Loan Support Fund for household and SME applicants.

Survival Fund Grant is still ongoing – Click Here to Register Online

Update on NMFB COVID-19 Loan Payment 2022

Most successful and verified applicants of the covid19 loan have started receiving messages of the loan approval and are been advised to check their loan status with their BVN  on the official covid-19 loan website to update their account details.

As we speak many Nigerians have received their loan worth 250,000, 400,000, 450,000, 500,000, 700,000 and above.


NYIF Application Form 2022: Registration Portal for NYIF Loan via www.nyif.nmfb.com.ng

How to know if your NMFB COVID-19 TCF Household Loan 2022 has been Approved?

If your loan has been approved, you will receive an SMS as shown below or you have not received any message but you applied follow the steps;

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Dear Applicant,

Your COVID-19 Loan application is approved. Click on the link https://covid19.nmfb.com.ng to accept offer and receive the fund in your account. For further inquiries please call 09010026900

Once you have received the above message or you did not receive, follow the link and the below instructions;

  1. Now select either HOUSEHOLD or SME
  2. The type in your BVN
  3. The you will see the amount approved for you, if it’s okay the click confirm
  4. A page will display asking you to fill in your BANK DETAILS
  5. Below the page you will see a terms and conduction following with the director in charge of you Payment and his/her details

Link To Check For Covid-19 TCF Household And SME Loan Approval

Kindly click on the links below to check if you have approval.

1) For Household: https://covid19.nmfb.com.ng/HomeLoans

2) For SME: https://covid19.nmfb.com.ng/SmeLoan

Note: If you cannot find your details yet on the portal, exercise patience as the officials are still collating and compiling data. Hopefully, we will update you as soon as date for starting of payment is released officially.

How to Repay COVID-19 Loan Support Fund

The 5 percent will be deducted before payment, after payment all you need to repay is amount paid after 36 months. Once your BVN has been linked to all your accounts, when you failed to repay it will be deducted monthly from your account.

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