USA Students Top Boarding Schools in Oklahoma

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USA Students Top Boarding Schools in Oklahoma – This article highlights full list of top boarding schools available in Oklahoma Academy for USA Students. Kindly go through this article to see the full list and its specifications to enable you know the one to apply for.



USA Students Top Boarding Schools in Oklahoma

The impact of boarding school on a child is obviously seen in the lifestyle and behavior the child exhibits over time. Boarding Schools helps students to be focused on achieving their dream. Having known this, it will be wise of you to get your child enrolled in the best boarding schools. Oklahoma, USA has some of the best boarding educational institutions there is, enroll your child to a boarding school in Oklahoma for the child to be well groomed thereby becoming the best and exceptional in whatever they do.

This article contains the top best boarding schools in Oklahoma where you can enroll your child. It is open to all USA students also.

In Oklahoma boarding schools, students will certainly find comfort, peace, have fun, explore adventure as the state is endowed with diverse landscapes from plains to lakes to forests.


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The best thing you can give to your ward or child is quality education, and so making USA your preferred choice of schools can help your child build a strong academic background. It will also interest you to know that boarding schools in Oklahoma have a secure learning environment for students, so you don’t need to be worried about the safety of your kid. Students are trained and exposed to all-round learning, thus, equipping them for the future.

So, it’s important that you make the best choice in choosing a boarding school because boarding schools pattern the student’s mind. We know that the environment has about 60% influence over individuals, and so considering the academic environment is equally significant.

Take your time to read through in just a few minutes.

We mentioned earlier that Oklahoma is a state with diverse landscapes, from plains to lakes to forests. That simply means that students will find peace and adventure as they choose a boarding school. Most boarding schools in Oklahoma offer great hospitality as well as academic excellence. With highly qualified and motivated teachers, the students will inevitably be the best when it comes to education. In fact, extra help is usually given to students who care to learn more.

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Please note that the right age to attend a boarding school is 12 and beyond. It is expected that at this age, the student is mature enough to control and manage him/herself in a new environment.

Cost Of Boarding Schools In Oklahoma

When it comes to the cost of attending a boarding school in Oklahoma, several items are added to make up the total cost. These items include: : Cost of tuition, room, dorm amenities, and meals. Therefore, the tuition in an Oklahoma boarding school is around $5,938. However, some schools cost as low as $1,750 while others as high as $21,370.

Meanwhile, there are financial aid options for qualified USA students and need-based USA students. Boarding schools in Oklahoma USA.

Let’s Look At The Top Best Boarding Schools In Oklahoma


Students can attend any of the boarding schools in Oklahoma. Below are some of them but make sure to note every details before you enroll.

1.) Brush Creek Academy

This academy accepts applications from any boy child who is struggling in a number of ways including life issues. Brush Creek helps to equip students to be happy, bold, have integrity, honest, disciplined, self-reliant and successful.The tuition fee here is around $2,700. The school is designed for students age 14 to 17. This academy also takes out some time with the parents to work together to restore a healthy environment and relationship in the home.

It will interest you to know that Brush Creek is fully accredited and the school meets the national standards that are required of schools.

Brush Creek also provides vast athletics such as football, basketball, and track.

2.) New Lifehouse Academy

The tuition fee for New Life house Academy is about $2,700. This is a Christian boarding school that is lower in cost, designed for misbehaving girls, ages 14-17. They aim to provide the teenage girls and their families with the tools and resources to help them begin to thrive academically, relationally, and spiritually. This boarding school is mainly for girls and they’re placed in a loving yet disciplined environment.

You can be rest assured that the staff of New Life house are professionals who are committed to teaching and mentoring your daughter in a faith-based approach helping them change their path.

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3.) Oklahoma School of Science And Mathematics

The tuition fee here varies; for domestic students they pay $36,500 while international students pay around $46,000. This school is top-rated, and prestigious. It is founded in 1983 by the Oklahoma Legislature. Oklahoma’s school of science and mathematics is designed to educate academically gifted high school juniors and seniors in advanced mathematics and science. For the residential boarding school, no charges on tuition or boarding fees for students who are qualified for admission.

4.) Oklahoma Academy

The tuition fee for Oklahoma Academy is about $10,000. This is a private boarding that is considered above average. The high school is operated by Seventh-Day Adventists. Christian youth are educated in the highest and most complete sense here.

One distinct feature of this school is that they’re not limited to classroom work, they’re intended to guide the student to excel mentally, physically, and spiritually.


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