What is the Difference between NYSC Revalidation and NYSC Remobilization – Steps to Revalidate and Remobilize

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NYSC Batch C 2018/2019


Difference between revalidation and remobilization, Steps on How to revalidate and remobilize for NYSC Batch A, B & C Stream I or II – Most of our viewers are really getting confused with revalidation and remobilization. The two concepts are different and the right step or way to revalidate or remobilize for NYSC are stated here below


Difference between NYSC Revalidation and NYSC Remobilization

These two concepts are different and read through below to understand their difference.

NYSC Re-validation

“If you were deployed in a previous NYSC batch but did not show up in camp”

What are you supposed to do?

You are expected to do NYSC Revalidation. This is done when you are deployed by NYSC to a state and due to one reason or the other you couldn’t make it to the NYSC Orientation Camp.

Originally, you are required to Print Green Card after Registration, then Print your Call Up Letter and Report to the Orientation Camp for the 3 weeks orientation Exercise

Instances of NYSC Revalidation for more clarifications

If BASEDONNEWS belongs to NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream 1, probably, BASEDONNEWS was deployed to Kaduna but refused to go for the orientation camp because of the crisis going on there. Now, BASEDONNEWS is ready for NYSC as the crisis there at Kaduna is over and BASEDONNEWS wants to join NYSC 2019 Batch A. the only thing expected of BASEDONNEWS to do is to do NYSC Revalidation.

Simply put, revalidation is done to revalidate already validated or registered PCM to a new Batch to enable him/her join the NYSC Batch or stream.

We hope this is clear now.

Now let’s discuss how to do NYSC Revalidation before we continue with Remobilization


Note this – There will be an automatic revalidation for candidates who have not served before but were deployed i.e. they have call up letter


NYSC Re-Mobilization

“If you were mobilized in a previous NYSC batch, went to the camp, did the normal registration in camp but did not complete the orientation exercise or left immediately after camp maybe to another state”

What are you supposed to do?

You are expected to do NYSC Remobilization. This is because you attended the orientation camp, did the normal registration on camp, then you left the camp or you did not report to the Primary Place of Assignment (PPA)

Instances of NYSC Revalidation for more clarifications


If BASEDONNEWS belongs to NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream 1, probably, BASEDONNEWS was deployed to a state in Nigeria and was present at the camp but, BASEDONNEWS left the camp after the orientation exercise or before the orientation exercise. Now, BASEDONNEWS is ready for NYSC wants to join NYSC 2019 Batch A. the only thing expected of BASEDONNEWS to do is to do NYSC Remobilization.

Simply put, remobilizaton is done to revamobilize already mobilized PCM to a new Batch to enable him/her join the NYSC Batch or stream.


Click on NYSC Remobilization. Follow the instructions

Now we believe you are truly clarified and you know what to do now and how to do it.

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  1. i was deployed to kaduna in stream 1 but do to the crisis,i can’t attend the camp,am going to revalidate or nysc will deployed me to another state.

    1. basedonnews says:

      Revalidate, though they may deploy you automatically

  2. Endurance says:

    I was deployed to yobe but can’t make it. Is there need to report this back to my school or just wait for revalidation to commence? And when can I apply for revalidation?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Just wait for next batch so that you can revalidate and join the next batch

  3. I was deployed to Imo state but unfortunately I had accident before the camping. If i revalidate in the next batch, am i going to be redeployed to Imo state again or another state

    1. basedonnews says:

      There is possibility of posting you to another state as you will select state during revalidation

    2. I didn’t register with the 2019 batch A because I was not ready, though my name is on the uploaded Senate list for Batch A. Now I want to register and move with Batch B. How do I proceed with this please ? Thank you.

      1. basedonnews says:

        You don’t have to do anything… you will just register as soon it starts

      2. I did not register with the 2019 batch c , though my name is on the Senate list for batch c now I want to register for next batch. What do I do please ?

        1. basedonnews says:

          You don’t have to do anything… just get ready to register by next batch

  4. please, I need to re-validate for batch B. Do I need to contact my school for a re-validation list?

  5. please, I need to re-validate for batch B. Do I need to contact my school to include my details on a re-validation list?

  6. Oluwanifemi says:

    I was deployed in batch c 2018 and couldn’t go due to some reasons…do I need to go to my school to revalidate for the next batch b 2019 or what should I do…. I don’t know anymore

    1. basedonnews says:

      To revalidate, you don’t need to go to school… u will just do it during batch b registration

  7. I attended batch Aoreintation but didn’t eeport to PPA if i want to remobilise, will i jave to notify my school also will i be allowed to choose new state or will be automatically taken back to my previous state?

    1. basedonnews says:

      You don’t need to go back to your school. Is very rare to be allowed to chose another state unless otherwise

      1. I was posted to Abuja in batch A stream 1, but failed to report to camp and opted to go with stream 2, I remember NYSC saying we don’t need revalidation to report to camp for stream 2, now am hearing that we need to revalidate in order to go with stream 2. Am confused. Please clear me on this pls

        1. basedonnews says:

          You will revalidate to enable you join stream 2

  8. olalekan yetunde fatimah says:

    I was mobilized but couldn’t do registration due to regularization issue,how should I go about batch B mobilization

    1. basedonnews says:

      have you been notified by jamb now

  9. olalekan yetunde fatimah says:

    please note,the regularization issue has been solved and my jamb number is now available, I have gone for remobilization in school, when nysc registration starts do I follow the fresh registration procedure or revalidate? thanks please

    1. basedonnews says:

      Have you registered before online

      1. same issue sir, but i have registered before

        1. basedonnews says:

          Speak to us on our Facebook page for faster response

  10. I was suppose to be among dis present batch A, but I did not attend d 3 weeks orientation camp, so I was told dat when Batch B registration starts I should revalidate, so I want to be clear on what to do, becoz am seeing rebolization and I don’t understand…

    1. basedonnews says:

      you will revalidate

    2. Pls help me out ooo, my name was approved by Senate list batch B 2019 but I don’t register for that batch. Can I register for any batch I mean next year(2020) batch A, B or C.
      Hope no penalty to this

      1. basedonnews says:

        You can join any batch my dear

  11. olalekan yetunde fatimah says:

    no,i have not register before,does that mean i am registering afresh?

  12. olalekan yetunde says:

    pertaining to my previous complaint,that my name was on the nysc senate listbatch A ,but with the indication that i was not admitted due to regularization issue,but all that has been solved and have went back to school for remobilization process, please,am i registering afresh for this batch B,i have not register before,because i really do not want to make a mistake,please help a sister in need,thanks

    1. basedonnews says:

      Check your status on NYSC Senate List again… Then if its showing Register… you will be eligible for the batch

  13. my problem is i went through a succeesful regulization of date of birth on my jamb, but i have rigistered on batch c 2018 and my name is on nysc senate list marked as registered, plz do i have to back to my school for remobilisation or wat should i do??

    1. basedonnews says:

      Since you have registered before you only have to revalidate

    2. Hello Fatihu, I want to know if you revalidated ? If yes , did the new Date of Birth reflected ?

    3. Hello Fatihu. Please have you revalidated, and if yes, has the new Date of Birth reflected ?

      1. after undergoing regularisation, my exemption certificate is sent to my scchool, i dnt even know what next to do.

        1. basedonnews says:

          Is too late then… Just be using the exemption certificate

  14. i was mobilized in batch A but did not register at all or create any profile …but i want to go with batch B. should i just register normally or what should i do?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Just register normally

  15. I would like to know if there would be a registration period for those that wish to go with batch B stream 2 or if they have to register within 1-12 of June. And if the registration has to be done now and one name falls to stream 1 but the person still want to go with stream 2 of this same batch b can revalidation be done in such scenario ? Thanks

    1. basedonnews says:

      Stream 2 is tentative due to change of date

  16. anonymous says:

    please basedonnews, does nysc release more names for batch b stream 2, or is it only the names that were released earlier in batch b dat will be shared in stream 1 and stream 2

    1. basedonnews says:

      Stream 2 is tentative for now… But there will be a fresh registration for stream 2 if it takes place

  17. purestone says:

    i attened the last orientation camp at adamawa but couldnt report after camp due to some reasons. i tried relocating but i was scammed am thinking of remobilization but i just wanna get clearification on if i can change the state or would i still get posted back to the same state?

    1. basedonnews says:

      yes you will be posted back to the state

  18. during revalidation are we going to pay another #3000 to nysc

  19. Ahonsi Victoria says:

    Please sir. I have been mobilized for this batch C, 2019 but with an incorrect matriculation number. My school is giving me no hope and they are saying until they rectify it I can’t go for service and since rectification takes time, I may not likely follow this batch anymore. But I’m wondering, can’t I register with the wrong one and then make correction in camp. pls am really confused. I want to know what step to take before registration ends.Thank you.

    1. basedonnews says:

      you would have registered with the wrong one… it does not really mean as is not showing on your nysc discharge certificate

  20. Good afternoon sir. I’m supposed to go for nysc batch c stream 2 but I don’t want to go because I’m not ready. Can I register in the following batch?

  21. Please, I registered for Batch C stream 1 bt I was just deployed today 6th of November to Bauchi ND m staying in Ibadan ND d camping date was on d 5th which was yesterday…. Please, should I still go to d camp because it’s 15hrs journey or I should revalidate for Batch C stream 2

    1. basedonnews says:

      You can revalidate

  22. Please, I registered for batch A 2020 but I don’t want to go for this batch due to some reasons..And Nysc are saying that anyone that misses camp will be prosecuted.

    What do I do?

    1. basedonnews says:

      You can revalidate and join the next batch

  23. Adeyemi omotosho says:

    Good evening please I graduated 2019 but my year of graduation is showing 1990 on NYSC Portal please what can I do,? And I have registered and I have Even printed my green card am awaiting call up letter now I don’t know if that will cause me to be given discharge certificate?

    1. basedonnews says:

      since exemption did not show… I believe you can go for service

  24. Evening please I was posted to taraba with batch A stream 1 2020 and I wish to go with stream 2 batch A .please will my place of deployment change?

    1. basedonnews says:

      There is no guarantee, possibly it may or it may not change

  25. Hello, I got my call up later, and I was posted to Bauchi and I can’t go to the camp because of the distance. I registered under batch A, stream 1 and I want to revalidate for batch A stream 2. My question is, how will I know when the revalidation process starts?

    1. basedonnews says:

      wait and join stream 2

  26. Good day. I registered for batch A 2020 and I was posted to sokoto.. I live in lagos… is it possible for me to revalidate and goin batch A stream 2.. and also I hope I will be giving a different state

    1. basedonnews says:

      you can revalidate and join stream 2 but the possibility of having another state is not certain

      1. I was excluded from going to service but the exclusion letter has not been sent to my institution can the letter of exclusion been removed so I can b mobilized for service also can someone do remobilization because of this issue of exclusion thanks

        1. basedonnews says:

          My question is… did you pay online during online registration

  27. Please my name is on Batch A 2020 senate list and it’s marked not registered coz I didn’t register due to unforeseen reasons. Meanwhile I informed my school day I need exemption certificate due to my work.
    Please how do I go about it.

    1. basedonnews says:

      Are you above 30 years

  28. Asuni Aishat says:

    Good morning I went to camwith Batch C stream 2 that was December I couldn’t report back to my State of deployed back because I went for appendix operation so I missed January and February clearance without been paid now I wanted to go go to my deployed state March but Corona stated so automatically March was absent . My lgi said he was going to remobilize me but I want to know if I will get paid

    1. basedonnews says:

      The payment is what am not sure of as it’s indicating not cleared

  29. I am a foreign PCM, I register for batch A 2020 Nysc, but I lost my international passport and I was not evaluated, I am going to revalidate or is it will automatically do it. Coz I registered with Batch A

    1. basedonnews says:

      You will revalidate during next registration

  30. Thank you so much #basedonnews for this information… I couldn’t report to camp in Taraba March 2020 when I was called up since then I didn’t know what to do next. Thank you.

    1. basedonnews says:

      You are welcome my dear… Thanks for appreciating us

  31. Abayomi Stella says:

    I register with batch A stream 1 2020 and did not to go to camp and now stream 11 is automatic batch B
    Will i go woth batch B or batch A next year

    1. basedonnews says:

      You will go to camp with this batch B

  32. Utibe Jacob says:

    I was deployed to Gombe State with the Batch B stream 1a 2020 but I couldn’t make it to camp. Please what should I do?

    1. basedonnews says:

      If you are lucky and they change the date of the call up letter by December, then you can join next one… If it was not changed, you can revalidate by next year

      1. Utibe Jacob says:

        Thank you very much for your timely response.

        Please how would I know that the date of my call up letter is changed? And can’t I revalidate it within this week to go with the next stream in December? Or when would I be eligible to revalidate it?

        1. basedonnews says:

          Revalidation portal is made available when the portal for registration is open

  33. Pls I registered for nysc batch A 2021, and I’m yet to print out my call up letter. But I don’t want to go with this batch again due to financial reasons, should I still go ahead to print the call up letter and then wait for batch B?

  34. Please, my name was on 2020 batch A stream 1. I started online registration but did not complete the registration because of some issues. Now that I want to complete the registration, what do I do. Thanks

    1. basedonnews says:

      Login and continue…Click on revalidate

    2. I want to do revalidation but when I login I click on revalidate but there is no option or step to follow

      1. basedonnews says:

        Is just to login and confirm if your details are still intact

  35. I have registered for my nysc but my name arrangement from the dashboard isn’t correct, and I have used the correction link and same mistake was submitted,
    The correction is yet to be reviewed and I have not printed my green slip. Pls what do I do to rectify this

    1. basedonnews says:

      Just print your green card and hold… Hopefully before you are posted, it could be corrected


    I registered for 2021 batch A stream I foreign student i went for physical verification and i was unable to verify cause my certificate was not complete can i still verify with batch B or is there any process i will go through?

  37. I just registered few days ago but my date of birth does not correspond with my rea date of birth and now the portal is closed. Although, there is a link for the correction of date of birth using waec verification pin. Can I still correct it even after the portal is closed or to wait till the next batch when the portal will be open? Am I to revalidate or apply for change of date of birth? Please advice.

    1. basedonnews says:

      If you have registered and paid online, kindly apply for the change of date of birth

      1. basedonnews says:

        But if it is not making you 30, you can still leave it

  38. Good evening,
    I could not go for batch C stream 1. Is it possible for me to go for the stream 2, will my state change? And what should i do?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Yes you can… Possibly, it may change… Only revalidate

  39. Ofoegbunam Blessing says:

    Please I went to camp before in my deployed state, but was not able to complete my service due to security reasons.
    Will I still need to go to camp after remobilisation?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Yes remobilization

  40. Hello, please I’m a foreign trained graduate. I registered for 2022 batch A, but my documents were wrongly uploaded because they were merged. I got a message on my dashboard to reupload seperatly which I did but I wasn’t cleared online though I was cleared at the pre camp excercise and all my documents verified. What do I need to do inorder to be cleared online to enable me go with batch b stream 1?

    1. basedonnews says:

      It will be cleared before the next batch

    2. basedonnews says:

      Before next batch you would be cleared

  41. Please when will the re validation process kick off.. Am in batch A stream II but due to one reason or two I didn’t go to camp with my stream so I plan to revalidate but I wish to know when it will start

    1. basedonnews says:

      As soon as Batch B registration commences

  42. Sir pls can one choose state of choice during re validation

    1. basedonnews says:

      NYSC does not allow selection of state again

      1. what is the possibility that they will still post me in the previous state they posted me before

        1. basedonnews says:

          Is possible and sometimes it changes. Is 50/50

          1. Ok.. but can I work for a state of my choice if I re-validate..?

          2. basedonnews says:

            Is not a guarantee but most times it works for you to serve in another state

  43. Hello basedonnews, am Trisha I have been following your conversation with Mr Kieran’ and mr K. Because am in that situation however pls I need rectification and total surety on this question
    “I am in batch A stream II 2022 however I didn’t go with my batch and stream, which obviously from your replies I will have to revalidate “ so my question is this
    Can I leave service this year being 2022 and revalidate with the next year 2023 batch…?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Yes you can… Thanks for always following us…

  44. Good morning!
    I’ve been mobilized for batch B stream 1 but want to go for stream 2.
    I’m told to wait for stream 2 and go with my stream one call up letter to the camp for stream 2 as it is still valid. That revalidation is only across batches..
    How true is this??

    1. basedonnews says:

      when portal for stream 2 opens, revalidate and see the outcome

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