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The main purpose of all the information contained in this website www.basedonnews.com is to get the general public updated only. We make sure as much as we can to keep you updated with unadulterated information which is our major priority. There could be no guarantees/warranties of any kind to any of the information provided as regards to dependability, aptness, totality, exactness or accessibility. Therefore, any dependence on any information is at your own risk.

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Based On News (B.O.N) sincerely, will try as much as we can to make the website www.basedonnews.com consistent and always readily available for accessibility. Though, there could be technical issues which may not be under our control and we are not responsible for such. For any complain regarding to our service or suggestion for the progress of the website, go through the comments policy below to see how and what to do.

Comments Policy

You are highly recommended to leave comments on the website www.basedonnews.com. Sincerely, we will reply the comments we can as far as it does not contain scammer, trademark, copyright, links to commercial websites or materials for sale and offensive languages. Strictly, those kinds of comments would be trashed.

Terms of Service

Be aware that once you are using the website www.basedonnews.com to source for information or any other purpose, you have to abide by the terms and conditions in our privacy policy and our disclaimer. In case you don’t want to abide by the terms stated in our privacy policy, you would likely suspend the use of the website until when you wish to be bound by it.

Any material found in this website has been prepared or written by any of the site representative to get the apex of information to all nooks and crannies who may wish to visit the site. You are liable to leave comment, contact us via phone calls and send e-mails directly to our Admin. Always stay safe and be updated – Based On News (B.O.N) cares.


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