Npower Latest NASIMS News Update for Today, April 2022

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Npower Latest NASIMS News Update for Today, April 2022 – This update is for all Npower beneficiaries both NEXIT and Batch C1 Beneficiaries payment. This article contains latest news update on Npower Stipend Payment and otherwise.


Npower Latest NASIMS News Update for Today, April 2022

In today’s Latest Npower News For Saturday, April 16th, 2022, the management of Npower Programme Nasims has reminded the Npower Batch C1 Beneficiaries that the payment of January stipends 2022 was never Stalled, payment is still in progress.

This update came after some Npower batch C 1 beneficiaries who are yet to receive their payment were asking whether the January Stipend payment that started on the 13th of April 2022 was paused.

Nasims To Resume Npower January Stipend payment After Easter Break

According to Nasims, payment of January stipends is very much in progress and never stalled for any technical glitch as alleged, but was at a point slow due to Easter public holiday. All formal activities of the ministry and payments resume in full force after the holiday. Please bear with us and wait for your payment. Wishing you a joyous Easter celebration!

For Applicants asking about Npower batch c stream 2, note that your status on the Nasims portal still remains not Selected/ not yet deployed as such, you don’t get paid. You can only get paid when fully become a Npower beneficiary. until then, remain calm and patient.

Latest Nexit News For Today April 2022

For some of you who has been asking if Nexit management has released list for second batch of Nexit training, here is what we know. Nexit management has not released Nexit training batch 2 list yet. As such training for Nexit batch 2 have not commenced. Stay tuned! We shall share an update regarding this when this list is out.

First Batch Nexit Training Update: Participant of the First batch nexit training who has been asking of what to do Nexit after the training should note that Nexit management will notify you on the next step to take which probably will be pitching your business idea and then disbursement of the Nexit CBN loan.

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