Npower NASIMS Portal 2021: What Next after Online Assessment Test for Npower Batch C Recruitment

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Npower NASIMS Portal 2021: What Next after Online Assessment Test for Npower Batch C Recruitment – From observations, good numbers of people have written Npower Online Assessment Test and have seen their scores. Now the question is, what is the next stage or phase after the online test? Npower have been able to outline the stages involved in Batch C Recruitment exercise for the applicants to know the next stage after the online test.


Npower NASIMS Portal 2021: What Next after Online Assessment Test for Npower Batch C Recruitment

What is the next thing after npower test?

Is deployment the next stage in Npower Batch C recruitment

What next after Online assessment test for Npower Batch Recruitment

Are we all that applied going to be deployed to our different or various PPA

I have written the test but have not been deployed to my PPA

Our viewers at BasedOnNews are the best and we love you so much as you always give us reasons to keepĀ  you updated. Your questions via the comment section gives us insights and encourages us more. We deeply appreciate and we hopefully believe that you would love this piece of article as regards to What next after your Npower Online Test Exam.

Things to know before moving to the next stage of Npower Batch C Recruitment after NPower Test

  • All applicants ought to have checked their score again on their dashboard by Clicking Here to really confirm their score
  • Now assess your Npower test score with the Npower cut off mark to see if you passed and qualified for the next stage
  • Your BVN date of birth is meant to correspond with the one you filled online
  • There should be correspondence of the name on BVN with the filled name online
  • The uploaded documents and passport should be very clear

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If you’ve done this, you are ready to move to the next stage. One thing you have to know is that the recruitment exercise is for 400,000 persons and from the look of things, people still on ground that took the Npower Test are times 3 of the anticipated number to be recruited.

Nevertheless, there will be preference to states. All states will be given quota so that the recruitment exercise for NPower Batch will not go one side.

Based on the category you applied for: NPower Agro, Teach, Health, Creative, Build, Tech etc, the best would be selected for the next stage. This implies that only those that their scores are very high would be selected. Thus the essence of the assessment test. You would not expect score of 20% to be selected when people that scored 80% are still not placed.

Stages/Phases in Npower Batch C Recruitment 2021

  • Stage One – Online Application: This is the first stage where all applies for the recruitment exercise online, after-which the list of successful shortlisted candidates would be released for checking.
  • Stage Two – Online Test: This is the stage where applicants that wrote the Npower test are being shortlisted to write the Npower Test online as may have done already.
  • Stage Three – Physical Verification: This is the stage where people will be assigned to different centres based on their local governments for physical verification. Your certificates would be verified and confirmed its originality and correspondence with what you filled or uploaded online. Mostly, age is being checked. Invitations are always being sent for the verification
  • Stage Four – Deployment/Posting: This is the stage where people that were verified are being sent Posting Letter for Printing and submission to their Deployed PPA (Primary Place of Assignment)
  • Stage Five – Payment of Stipend: This is the stage where you start receiving your monthly stipend of N30,000.
  • Stage Six – Collection of Npower Device: This is the stage where you are being invited to collect your Npower device for FREE

If Stage of Documents/Physical verification is bypassed, it means the assessing was done online via your nasims portal. Therefore, all that scored very high in their Npower Test and upload and updated their records would be deployed to their Primary Place of Assignment – where you will be working for payment.

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