NYSC Batch A 2019 Call Up Letter Printing: How, Steps and Date to Print it | Date for Orientation Camp

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NYSC BATCH C CALL UP LETTER PRINTING 2018/2019, Date, when and how to print callup (call-up) letter, Date for Orientation Camp – This post is to notify all NYSC Batch A 2019 PCMs (Prospective Corps Members) on when to start printing their Call Up Letter and simple steps to print it. Also, the orientation Camp Date that is the date when all Prospective Corps Members Batch A 2018 are leaving for Camp.

It is possible one may ask what NYSC CallUp Letter is all about. The simple description of what NYSC Call Up Letter is all about is stated clearly below.


What is Call Up Letter

Call Up Letter is a document printed after successful registration having your Call up Number on it. It comes up a few days or weeks after your successful registration. It appears like this; Call-Up No.: NYSC/UPP/2018/1975**

Why is my Call Up Number not showing

Your Call Up Number will not show if you did not make payment Online or pay via the designated Banks during the online registration.

What to do if my Call Up Number is not showing online

If your Call Up Number is not showing online, kindly go to your School and collect your NYSC Call Up Number ie. For candidates that paid maybe through designated banks.

But if you had made your payment online, kindly go online and print your Call Up Number, following the steps below.

Steps on How to Print NYSC Batch C Call-Up Letters for

  • Visit NYSC portal via portal.nysc.org.ng
  • Login with your registered email address and password – the one you used during the online registration
  • Click on ‘Print Call Up Letter’ link to print your call-up letter. N/B the call up letter is in PDF format, ensure you have a PDF readable device/computer.

We would advise you to read this article below to enable you know NYSC Camp rules and regulations and how to avoid being a victim of those that would be sent back.

Click Here to View NYSC Camp Rules

How to know my state of deployment or where I am posted for my National Youth Service

All prospective corps members for NYSC Batch A 2019 will see the state where they are posted on the Call-Up Letter they will print.

NYSC Batch A 2019 Orientation Camp Date

Click Here to see the date when all NYSC Batch A 2019 PCMs are leaving for orientation camp

See List of Things you will go to the Orientation Camp With

NYSC Batch A Address to Orientation Camp

The address to the orientation camp where you are posted will be stated clearly on the Call Up Letter you printed or you will print.

Click Here to See List of Orientation Camp Addresses how to locate there

Date or When to Start Printing Call Up Letter for NYSC Batch A 2019

All NYSC Batch A 2019 Prospective Corps Members will start printing their Call Up Letter from 20th March, 2019 to 25th March, 2019.

Contents of NYSC Call Up Letter

NYSC call up letter contains the following information:

  • Surname and other names
  • Call Up Number
  • State of Origin
  • Gender
  • Institution
  • Course
  • State of deployment
  • Date of reporting
  • Officer in charge
  • Address of Orientation Camp

I don’t Like where am posted for service, Click Here to See Steps to Redeploy

How to Print NYSC Call Letter 2018-2019 for Batch C

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NYSC Batch A 2019 Call Up Letter Printing: How, Steps and Date to Print it | Date for Orientation Camp

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