NYSC Batch C 2023 Senate List & Graduation List Checker Released for PCMs

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NYSC Batch C 2023 Senate List & Graduation List Checker Released for PCMs – Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) can now check if their names are now on the NYSC Senate List as well as the Graduation List. Your name is required to be in both lists, most especially, on the senate list. This serves as a confirmation you will register with NYSC and go with batch C as your details has been forwarded to NYSC.



What is the difference between NYSC Senate List and Graduation List?

The difference between NYSC Senate List and Graduation List is that Graduation List contains list of names of people from all schools arranged under their faculty and department to enable you confirm if your name have been forwarded to NYSC while Senate List is a list that contains all graduates who are qualified for NYSC registration and are eligible to go with that batch. Though your name maybe on Graduation List but not on Senate List. This is as a result of your credentials not uploaded yet.

Is it compulsory for your name to be on NYSC Senate List and Graduation List?

Not at all, but is required that your name appear on both. Even if your name is not on the Graduation List but on the Senate List, you can still do registration. Senate List is the main one as it confirms eligibility for registration.

What is the implication if your name is on the Senate List?

The only implication is that you cannot correct any error, especially, date of birth once your name is on senate list. You can only register online using the information provided or sent by school to NYSC.

What is the implication is not on the NYSC Senate List?

Actually, if your name is not on the senate list, it simply implies that you cannot register or join that batch as your details as well as hardcopies of your credentials has not been forwarded to NYSC for upload.

See list of things that could cause delay in uploading your name in NYSC Senate List

Read through to enable you know how to rectify it before it becomes too late.

When should I check my name on NYSC Senate List

You can check your name anytime as far as you have submitted your details to your school and there is a sign that your school have sent your details to NYSC Abuja. The checking does not take time, I advise you check from time to time.


How to check your name on NYSC Graduation List

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How to check your name on NYSC Senate List

To check your name on the NYSC Senate List, Click Here

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  1. Please when is. NYSC barge c registration commence .

  2. I did not do registration when the batch C portal was open,can i still do registration to be mobilized for stream II

  3. My name is: Egaga Felix Odama, I graduated in federal university of Lafia in a year 2021, when I checked my name on the senate list I saw my name but they’re telling me not matriculated that I should contact my institution, after contacting my institution I was told the fault is from jamb or NYSC, when I keep trying I was ask to go and reprint my admission letter, even as though, before than I check my name on Matriculation list, it shows that I was Matriculated successfully, So I became confused, because of this issue I was unable to join Batch C stream 11 last year, please I want this to be resolved.
    This is my email address: felixtemple1@gmail.com

    1. basedonnews says:

      you can register now… it’s resolved

  4. Is batch B registration on going?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Not yet but by next month…

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