NYSC SENATE LIST 2018/2019 for Batch C Mobilization | Proper Steps to check the list

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NYSC Batch C 2018/2019


NYSC Senate List 2018/2019 for NYSC Batch C Mobilization – This post has to do with proper steps through which you can check NYSC Senate List. Before one could be able to go NYSC – National Youth Service Corps, your name must be on the Senate List. It is recommended that you check your name on the list using the link below.




When do I check my name on the NYSC Senate List

You can check your name or details on NYSC Senate List as far you have done your mobilization. To check your name on the NYSC Senate List is a simple thing, as far as you follow the steps. For your name to be on the Senate List, you must have be mobilized in your institution – this happens after your clearance in school. After your mobilization in your school, the school will forward your name for upload on NYSC Senate List.

Why do I have to check my name on the NYSC senate list

It is mandated and very necessary you check your name on the Senate List to enable you know your stand. If your name is on not on the list, no NYSC for you. The list confirms that you can partake on online registration. Therefore, for you to be able to register for NYSC Batch C 2018/2019, you must first be mobilized and as well details should be upload on NYSC Senate List. Confirm and be Sure


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Requirements to check your name on the NYSC Senate List

  • Name of institution
  • Matriculation Number
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth – as used in school while mobilizing

Proper Steps on How to check your name or Details on the NYSC Senate List

  • To check your name on NYSC Senate List, Click https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/VerifySenateLists.aspx
  • Select your Tertiary Institution
  • Type in your Matriculation Number on the space provided
  • Then fill your Date of Birth
  • Click Search Button – it will load and display your details if available

If your name is there, Congratulations, as you are eligible for NYSC Batch C Registration

Click Here to see how to register for NYSC Batch C 2018/2019

What to do if your name or details is not on the NYSC Senate List

If your details are not found on the NYSC Senate List, do not panic as everything has its own steps to solve it.

  • First, Check JAMB LIST FOR NYSC MOBILIZATION HERE – if your details are found, proceed to the second point, if not, Contact 08169777654 for directives
  • Secondly, confirm if you’ve done mobilization in school – if truly you’ve done your mobilization, proceed to step three, if not, go and do it in your school
  • Thirdly, confirm if your name is on Error List by checking your school – Student affairs unit
  • Fourthly, correct the error and check back the NYSC Senate List
  • Fifthly, if your details are found on NYSC Senate List, Congratulations
  • Do your online NYSC Registration Batch C

Note: if your details are not found on the NYSC Senate List and you are sure you’ve done all the necessary things as stated below, kindly exercise patience as more upload will still be done. As soon as school sends your details to NYSC, they upload.

How to Register for NYSC Batch C – Click Here

We are here to serve you better, Now let’s see a few abbreviations that is commonly used during NYSC Orientation, so that you won’t be a Novice when such is mentioned

  1. PCM- Prospective Corp Member
  2. PPA- Place of Primary Assignment
  3. LGA- Local Government Area
  4. LI- Local Inspector
  5. ZI- Zonal Inspector
  6. CLO– Corper Liaison Officer
  7. CDS- Community Development Service
  8. SAED– Skill And Entrepreneurial Development
  9. SEC- Secretariat
  10. CC- Camp Commandant
  11. State Co-ordinator

If there are others you know, do well to share with us by commenting below.

For your NYSC Jobs – List of Job opportunity you can do as a Corper – Click Here

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For questions, directives, update, Call 08169777654



  1. Ebuka Madu says:

    Please i want to be notified

  2. Pls kindly notify on a new development concerning N Y S C batch C 2018/2019

  3. Ugboji okwa Rhoda says:

    Please I want to be notified on every happening on batch C

    1. basedonnews says:

      Join the whatsapp group via 08169777654

  4. Okie Stanley says:

    Please Is Fidel Polytechnic Going For Batch C 2018 Nysc

    1. basedonnews says:

      If your name has been uploaded to Senate List you can

  5. If ur name is not uploading nko

    1. basedonnews says:

      confirm from your school why

  6. i saw my name on senate list on thursday 18 october but indicate this @ the status, You are Not on the Matriculation List, Kindly Print your Result Slip Online. Login/Create Account at http://www.jamb.org.ng/efacility to perform the required printing. SAOs are to contact the candidat(You cannot register, Contact your Institution) used by none. Plz kindly assist on this bcuz my name is on the matriculation list n am unable to registered

    1. basedonnews says:

      Contact 08169777654 for assistance immediately

  7. My name is on the senate list but when trying to register it give response that” YOU CANNOT BE REGISTER, YOUR SCHOOL HAS NOT SUMMIT SOME MANDATORY DOCUMENT”

    1. basedonnews says:

      contact your school now, also check back as updates is still ongoiing

  8. can someone enter camp a day after the camp is open

  9. Abubakar Jamiu Olaitan says:

    Please Admin, My name is on Senate list and as well as on Jamb matriculation list. But at right corner on Senate list status, it’s showing the candidate was not admitted kindly contact your school. (you can’t register). Please admin what do I need to do??? Thanks because u guys has been helpful

    1. basedonnews says:

      contact your school, if truly you know your name is on matriculation list, anyway, I would advise check matriculation list again

  10. My name is on the senate list and I’m unable to resister. It’s saying my school has not fulfilled the mandatory documents submission

    1. basedonnews says:

      confirm if your school has submitted hard copies of your credentials to NYSC, anyway try the portal again and see

  11. My name is on NYSC Senate list and i tried to register and it’s saying my school hasn’t fulfilled the mandatory document submission

    1. basedonnews says:

      report to your school to confirm, then keep checking the portal as updates is still going on

  12. my name is on the matriculation list and also on the senate list but says i can not be registered that my school have not submitted mandatory documents and i traveled down to my school and they said they sent every necessary documents to nysc, pls what could cause this?

    1. basedonnews says:

      you need to report to your school, also you can still try again as updates is still going on

  13. Asogwa Nnamdi Nelson says:

    Pls am 31 and I what to go for service I need your assistant

    1. basedonnews says:

      chat us on our facebook page for assistance

    2. We have same issues brother what are you going to do now

  14. Hi, I have registered on NYSC PORTAL.
    But when I opened again to print call up letter, it says I am not in this stream
    Do I need to register again??

    I also want to know the likely date for stream 2 to resume camp.

  15. Ennycyril says:

    Good morning, when is the closing date for batch c stream 2 2018/2019 online registration? and when in camp, will one be requested to bring his/her school admission letter? thank you.

    1. basedonnews says:

      Visit the site back and search for orientation camp date and closing date… Is well stated

  16. abah abel says:

    what should i do now. our schools has upload my name since yersday, but up to now i can not register. they ask me that my requrie document has been summited to nysc. i should i do now time is going

    1. basedonnews says:

      Maybe they have not submitted hard copies of your credentials to NYSC

  17. Akwa Christiana Ugochi says:

    Gud evening, pls my name is in jamb NYSC matriculation list but is not appearing in Senate list,it shows ‘contact your school for verification of the approved list.what will I do?

    1. basedonnews says:

      submit your admission letter and result slip to your school

  18. Nwaokocha Jennifer says:

    Good morning, I did my Jamb regularisation and printed my Jamb admission letter but the issue is my Jamb admission letter bears NWAOKOCHA JENNIFER but the rest of all my documents bears NWAOKOCHA JENNIFER C, I was told that NYSC doesn’t use abbreviations, so pls is this going to be an issue for me in camp coz am expected to go for stream2 batch. thank you.

    1. basedonnews says:

      It will as NYSC will make use of the name in your jamb

      1. Nwaokocha Jennifer says:

        So what do I do now? because the person that did the Jamb regularisation said NYSC doesn’t make use of abbreviations, does it mean that I will have to change my name or what…I need help o as I’m expected to go for stream2 by november ending.

        1. basedonnews says:

          Please if you are on facebook, chat us up on our facebook page

          1. Nwaokocha Jennifer says:

            Pls what’s the name of your Facebook page?

  19. My own issues is totally different for you guys, after I did my registration I know saw. Your exemption certificate is being processed and will be delivered to your institution I don’t know what to do since den if anyone can help me for this I will so so happy please

    1. basedonnews says:

      Did you pay online

  20. Jennifer Nwaokocha says:

    Good morning, I contacted my school about the name difference in my Jamb and other school documents…I was told that I can change the name while doing my online registration and that I should make sure all the names are written in full e.g Nwaokocha Jennifer Chukwudumebi but the issue is that I’ve never made use of Chukwudumebi in full, it has always been abbreviated even right from my secondary sch…I need your help, thanks for your help so far.

    1. basedonnews says:

      One can still abbreviate name but the thing is this, you can only change your name on your dashboard after registration

      1. Jennifer Nwaokocha says:

        Thank you very much for the help.

  21. olayanju abiola says:

    When do supplementary list come out?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Keep checking dear

  22. Bichi, Bashir Musa says:

    Pls how can I correct my phone number in my call up letter?

    1. basedonnews says:

      leave till you get to camp

  23. idagu Joseph says:

    I can’t find my name in the senate list, what should I do.

    1. basedonnews says:

      Have you contacted your school

  24. Idama Faith says:

    Hi, I will be 30 by June. Can I go if eventually am mobilized for Batch B?

    1. basedonnews says:

      If you are 30, it will affect you as you will be given automatic exemption

  25. sellyss pinaiba says:

    i check my name in senate list this is what it is saying. you are not on the matriculation list, kindly print your result slip and admission letter online, jamb efacility to perform the required printing. SAOs are to {you can not register, contact your institution} used by none, i have done all of this but i still see the same thing
    what can i do?

  26. Good evening and thanks for the good work. Please I need your assistance. I did my regularisation and the jamb admission profile has been updated to the course and school I attended but jamb matriculation list is still saying not on the list meanwhile I have been mobilized for nysc on Senate list

    1. basedonnews says:

      Do as expected so that your name will be on matriculation list first

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