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BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N) – welcomes you warmly for your usual visit to our website. The truth is that we take our privacy seriously. It is our diplomacy to keep the right, to modify, change, adjust, even add or remove parts of these terms at any time we wish.

Any of your personal information given to us is all provided to us willingly by you either through email i.e. emailing the webmaster or by signing up or even through any other means. Note; you are not mandated to provide us with any of your personal information. If at all is requested may be at cost of keeping you updated. We only need it to;

  • Reply your comments or assist you as regards to the information at hand
  • Bring forth the latest information and other related information to your doorstep
  • Surprise you with our usual free giveaways as a compliment

This agreement is endorsed by BASED ON NEWS and you as it may not be amended or modified using any supplementary document. If there is any attempt to do so, it is highly unacceptable and canceled.

Our Information Superiority

All the information are been provided by BASED ON NEWS for general updates. There is no assurance that all the information provided by BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N) is 100% accurate, dependable, trusted and complete. Therefore, there could be errors, omissions and slight incompetence. Generally, all the information provided are not in any way under any obligation to be updated.

Product Availability

On regular basis, there could be updates by BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N) in order to make information available to the public. To amend, discontinue or even denial in provision of available information, remains the right of BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N) to decide. In nutshell, there is no total assurance that there must be an availability of new products and no charge is attached.


There could be reviews of any kind, but the fact is that BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N) repudiates it as it is permissible by law.


All the write-ups and general contents contained in this site are indeed the handiwork of BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N). It solemnly remains the property of BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N) under the protection of the United States and International copyright law both compiled and group work, as all rights are virtually reserved.


The good number of files which include text, logos, graphics, icons, etc remains the property of BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N) and at the same time protected under the copyright law of the United States and International bodies. All the trademarks are solemnly owned by BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N), therefore all rights reserved. The marks can be used if there is written authorized by BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N).

There are other trademarks from other companies or publications which may be found in this site, it still remains the property of the respective organizations, therefore all rights reserved. We reference the organization for their products as we also know that the usage does not mean approval or recommendation by the company. All the products found in this site are trademarks of BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N) unless stated otherwise.

Links to Other Websites and Services

The site – BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N) does not have control over the files or contents of other websites. In case of links from the site to other sites, it is only done to bring information closer, therefore all rights reserved.

You can as well go through the terms and conditions of the site.

BASED ON NEWS (B.O.N) solemnly promises that all your personal information given to us can never be shared to a third party. As you browse have the mindset that you are protected and the information provided is for you to be updated with current and available information.

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