Secrets to choosing NYSC Top Paying States and Best States to Serve | Rules and Online Registration Procedure

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Secrets to choosing NYSC Top Paying States and Best States to Serve – This article is majorly for all that wants to do their NYSC in state where they can be paid. Also, states that has little or no problem were also listed. This information is applicable to NYSC candidates in Batch A, B or C. NYSC rules you must adhere to are all stated in this post to enable candidates to avoid being a victim of anything that may lead to the termination of their service.



No Room For Casual Wears:

Immediately you get your camp kits, wear it, no room for causal wears. Only your T-shirt and shorts with the tennis shoe are allowed on you. Parade training starts immediately. The soldiers will not give you breathing space at all. You will have the first one that same Day One. Eat will to avoid fainting during parade

Morning Regimented Programme:

By 4:30pm should be at the parade ground. You have your praise, worship and prayer the Christian and Muslim ways. After the morning admonitions, by 7am, breakfast follows! After eating, you will be called out again for the series of programmes lined up for you. Then you have your lunch, Rest a little and you are out again for evening parade, then your dinner later. This will repeat itself everyday perhaps except on Sunday.

Feeding of oneself is at your costs:

If you don’t like the camp food, go outside to eat but at your cost.


Stealing is prevalently prevailing at the Camp. They can steal anything. Secure your items


Please respect and obey the soldier at the camp ground. Although they are not permitted to beat you, however, they can punish you. No walking, it is all jogging when they call you. Don’t prostrate or kneel down greeting a soldier. Do it the soldier way i.e salute.

Allawee/monthly stipends:

The first stipends of 19, 800 will be given to you in the camp, cash. All other ones will be through the bank.


After the camping, you will be posted to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) where you will work.

Take note of this, 90% of the Corps members will be posted to primary and secondary schools mostly. Only Very Few will be posted to the universities, polytechnics and Colleges. Please! Don’t pay money to anybody for posting assistance, but Pray rather than paying. Gone are the days when Corps Members are posted to Banks and Co. Receive the shocking or expected postings as you receive your letters with joy.

Transportation Out Of Camp:

When you get your Posting Letter, the first place to go to is your PPA. If you are identified with the Fellowship in camp, you may first report at the temporary lodge they will provide. Then you could report at your PPA later same day or the following day. When you leave the camp, home- sweet-home will be on your mind, having been used up in the camp life. Few of your employers (i.e. where you are posted to) will send down vehicles to convey you from the camp to their workplaces. Private and some Government higher education institutions do. The Fellowship too makes arrangement for you at your cost. Commercial transporters will likely be available at the gate too. Choose wisely

Accommodation at PPA:

If you don’t know anybody in the place you are posted to, where will you shelter yourself on the first day? The Fellowship may give you a temporary accommodation pending the time you will have to get yours. You could be lucky if your employer gives you a room. Many of them don’t give Corps members accommodation. So be prepared to get shelter at your cost.



Your clearance at the NYSC Office in the Local Government you will be posted to is very important. This is why you don’t have to go straight t your house. FAILURE TO COMPLETE IT BEFORE GOING HOME IS THE BEGINNING OF YOUR PROBLEM.

The problem might be in subsequent monthly allowances. Do all registrations first. Then you can take permission to go home.



  • Akwa Ibom- South South
  • Cross River- South South
  • Enugu State- South East
  • Kano- North West
  • Lagos State- South west
  • Ogun State- South west
  • Osun State- South west
  • Plateau- North Central
  • Rivers state- South South


  • Lagos state – N15,000
  • Taraba – N10,000
  • Jigawa – N10,000
  • Niger State – N6,000
  • Abia – N5,000
  • Delta – N5,000
  • Ekiti State – N5,000
  • Kano State- N5,000
  • Ogun State – N5,000
  • Sokoto – N5,000


  • Visit
  • Fill in your details – make sure you use correct Email address as confirmatory mail would be sent to your Email
  • Use security question you will remember and answer what you will remember
  • Use correct Phone number
  • Use password you would remember
  • Then create account

Other details to fill after creation and verification of account

  • Jamb Registration number:
  • Matriculation Number:
  • First Name, middle name:
  • Surname:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Place of Birth:
  • Gender:
  • Marital Status: If married provide the following documents Newspaper change of name, Husband’s  valid ID card, marriage certificate, Utility bill, attestation letter from the current employment of husband etc.
  • Already Have a Previous Call-up? Yes or No;
  • Passport- White background
  • Physically Challenged?:
  • Nationality:
  • State of origin:
  • Local Government Area:
  • Present contact Address:
  • Permanent Address:
  • Town/ village:
  • Next Of Kin (1)
  • Name:
  • Relationship:
  • GSM number:
  • Address:
  • Town:
  • State:
  • Next Of Kin (2)
  • Name:
  • Relationship:
  • GSM number:
  • Address:
  • Town:
  • State:


  • Primary school details;
  • From:
  • To:
  • Award:
  • Date of Graduation:

Secondary school details;

  • From:
  • To:
  • Award:
  • Date of Graduation:

Higher Institution Details

  • Institution:
  • From:
  • To:
  • Course:
  • Award:

Military Personnel/Paramilitary/National Award Honour

  • Are you a serving member of Nigerian?
  • Armed Force (NAF, NA, or NAVY) and served for minimum of 9 months? Yes or No
  • Are you a serving member of National Intelligence Agency (NIA)? Yes or No
  • Are you a serving member of Nigerian Police Force (NPF)? Yes or No.
  • Are you a National Awardee? Yes or No

Nigerian Language(s) you speak:

  • All Nigeria languages will be listed, then you select the ones you can speak

Nigerian State(s) visited:

  • All Nigeria states will be listed, just select the places you’ve visited or been

Kits ‎Specification:‎

Shirt Size

  • Small 30-32        32-35     12-14
  • Medium 32-33       36-38      14-15
  • Large 35-36       38-40      15-16
  • X-Large 36-38       40-42      16-17
  • XXLarge 38-40       44-46      18-20

Trouser Size

  • Small 40-41        28-32       18-20
  • Medium 41-42       34-36       20-21
  • Large 42-43       36-38       21-22
  • X-Large 43-44 38-38       22-23

Click here to See Full Camp Rules

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  1. 08052113776 says:

    hi admin I have done my nysc registration and printed my green card and the message I got is that I am not among the stream that i will be notified when my call up letter is ready. hope all is well.

    1. basedonnews says:

      They sent you to stream 2

      1. for those of us that on our dashboard we saw sorry you are not in this stream we will notify you when your callup letter is ready.I think we don’t need any revalidation nor reregistering.

        1. basedonnews says:

          No… automatically, you are in stream 2

  2. Olatunde Adenike says:

    Hi admin…. I was notify mobilised on my status but not posted…. Why?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Did you do online registration

  3. Hi, Admin.. for those of us that were deployed to Kaduna State that asked to wait what do we do

    1. basedonnews says:

      Check your dashboard

  4. Solomon folusho samuel says:

    Hi pls is another registration going on?

    1. basedonnews says:

      just stream 2 of batch c

      1. Bright Effiong says:

        I must say nice update
        Please add me to your WhatsApp group I need daily update, am for batch B… Thank you

  5. When is stream 2,i just mobilised on Friday been 2 November and was told yesterday that am not on this stream what does it mean?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Don’t worry you are in stream 2

    2. Favour Neache says:

      This is really nice update.
      Please add me up on WhatsApp.

  6. saifullahi sani says:

    Adm when will Nysc registration begin for 2019 batch b

  7. Admin please I’m with batch A, but since we left camp I haven’t done any clearance with my Lg, neither have I reported to my PPA . Can I do a remobilization to join batch B?

  8. Hello Admin, my name came out in Batch A but i did not register hope i’ll see my name when i want to register with Batch B?

  9. Hi admin I just registered today but my concern is I choosed my year of admission as
    From 2018-2019 instead of choosing 2017-2019 since it’s fed poly please help it’s giving me concern hope it’s not a major problem?????

  10. Hi admin, I’m kinda concerned if putting a age that isn’t true would hinder me
    Examples, the person going for service is 19 but puts there 23 when registering and has been using that age since in uni….would there be any problem or any case to worry?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Not at all as far as you have age declaration to back you up

  11. How can I make sure that my name appear on stream 1

  12. Plz admin, since my statement of result is not ready in school, but it would be ready soon (hopefully this month of August). Is there any chance that I will be mobilized this year 2021?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Once is been released, go straight and do your mobilization then you would join Batch C

  13. Agbagbue Immaculate says:

    Admin…please I want to get all necessary notification concerning Batch C stream 2.

  14. Ogunbiyi Francis says:

    Hi admin, I just found out that my name is on the Senate list in my school for Batch C stream 2. Please, will registration for Batch, Stream 2 starts on the portal. Thanks

  15. Igwebuike mavis says:

    Hi Admin,please how can i serve in desired state

    1. basedonnews says:

      you can redeploy on health basis

  16. Admin, after I receive my call up letter, how long can I delay before going to the camp?

  17. Please when is batch B stream 1 going to orientation camp , and as a foreign student do I need to go to Abuja for physical verification?

  18. Please when is 2022batch B stream 1 going to orientation camp , and as a foreign student do I need to go to Abuja for physical verification?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Ending of May… Physical verification will be announced after online registration. You can do it in a centre scheduled for you

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