Solutions to Npower Forgotten Password and How to Solve NASIMS Login/Dashboard Errors

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Solutions to Npower Forgotten Password and How to Solve NASIMS Login/Dashboard Errors – It is observed that lots of Npower Batch C Stream 2 Candidates are finding it difficult accessing their NASIMS Portal. Some were told to reset their passwords; some were told Login Errors. But do not worry as this article will proffer solutions to all your challenges in accessing your Npower NASIMS Dashboard due to Login Errors. SEE FULL DETAILS BELOW

Solutions to Npower Forgotten Password and How to Solve NASIMS Login/Dashboard Errors

Are you trying to login to check if you were shortlisted? or are you finding it difficult to log in and carry out your biometric enrollment as directed by Npower Nasims Support Team.

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Lately, we have noticed and a lot of comments we have received are centred on biometrics issues, login issue and BVN already used issue from npower candidates. This has made applicants to  battle with NASIMS Portal to login for their biometrics fingerprint capturing.

How to solve Npower Login Issue/Failure – I can’t login to my NASIMS dashbord 

If your name were among Npower batch c stream 2 applicants who cannot remember their Nasims portal profile email address and password details, tips below will assist you further.

  • To recover your password visit Nasims link portal 
  • Click on forgotten password
  • Select Email address or Applicant ID
  • If you can’t remember your email address, use the Applicant ID option
  • Then click on RESET PASSWORD
  • Visit your email INBOX OR SPAM for the link to change your password
  • then login to do Biometric fingerprinting.

Using Npower Applicant ID can only be if you can remember the ID. Your Npower Applicant ID is the number that starts with NPWR/2020/XXXXXX that can be found in your profile or print out you got after your online registration.

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Using Npower Applicant ID will help you to access the nasims portal to see if you are hsortlisted for biometric exericse.

To resolve your password issue with the Npower Nasims support team. You can send your complaints to them via or call 01888540, 092203102, 018888148 or 018888189

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Successful applicant’s will use their Npower Applicant ID number to log in to the downloaded Nasims biometrics fingerprint capturing software to capture your fingers at the cybercafé.

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