UNDP Grant of $100,000 to Fund your Digital Solution Application Form 2022

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UNDP Grant of $100,000 to Fund your Digital Solution Form 2022 – This is to inform the general public of UNDP Grant that is currently ongoing for all to apply for the grant of $100,000 for Digital Solution. All you need to apply successfully are all contained here

UNDP Grant of $100,000 to Fund your Digital Solution Form 2022

UNDP created the Chief Digital Office in 2019 and observed hundreds of digital projects and challenges faced by UNDP, governments, and partners. From this experience, the CDO found three key challenges:

  • Governments and UNDP global network urgently need digital solutions. A well-designed digital solution can impact millions of lives and support populations in new and innovative ways.
  • Building digital solutions from nothing rarely works. Most digital solutions built by development professionals either reinvent the wheel, fail to adhere to the Principles for Digital Development, or fail to achieve meaningful impact.
  • Few efforts scale what already works. The good news is that proven and ready-to-scale digital solutions – that have scaled nationwide or across multiple countries – do exist. In addition to being much faster to implement, utilizing an existing digital solution can result in an average 40% cost reduction. The problem is that proven solutions are often disconnected from the needs of UNDP and governments.

$100,000 Digital X Solutions Partnerships for Scale

The UNDP Chief Digital Office will find, match, and scale proven and innovative digital solutions around the world. UN organizations, nonprofits, social enterprises, and universities with a ready-to-scale digital solution can apply to join the Digital X Solutions Catalogue.

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Digital X Partnerships for Scale Programme helps UNDP Country Offices apply for up to USD 100,000 to work with a featured solution in the Catalogue to bring it to scale in their country. In addition to being proven and ready-to-scale, the selection committee will assess and evaluate the
solutions against the criteria below:

How to Apply

To Apply, Click Here

Application Closing Date:

May 31, 2022

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