NMFB Covid-19 Loan Payment 2023 is Ongoing – How to Check and Confirm Loan Status Approval as FG Begins Payment

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NMFB Covid-19 Loan Payment 2023 is Ongoing – How to Check and Confirm Loan Status Approval as FG Begins Payment via Portal – The Federal Government of Nigeria have started paying all that registered for the Covid-19 Loan 2023. The NIRSAL NMFB Covid 19 Loan and Support Fund Loan for SME and Individuals disbursement of payment have started for all households to benefit. This article contains the steps and guidelines on how to check your Covid-19 Loan status to know when you will be paid and if you will be paid. SEE HOW TO CHECK YOUR COVID-19 LOAN STATUS HERE


NMFB Covid-19 Loan Payment 2023 is Ongoing – How to Check and Confirm Loan Status Approval as FG Begins Payment via Portal

There is need to check your Covid-19 loan 2023 status to enable you know if your loan application have been approved for payment.

This will give you insight on when you will be paid and the possible amount you will be paid.

All that applied for COVID19 Loan through Nirsal NMFB portal can now check their loan status and know if their online loan application have been approved.

Click Here to Register FG CAC for FREE

Portal to Check your Covid19 Loan Status – Covid-19 Loan Approval Portal

Note: Covid19 loan is given to all that qualified that is those that meet up with the Covid19 loan requirements for household and SME applicants.

You can also check if your NMFB COVID-19 loan 2023 is been approved

P-AADS Farmers Loan Registration Application Form Portal 2023 | Apply for FG CBN N2Billion Loan

The COVID-19 Loan Status 2023, has my loan been approved by NIRSAL MFB.

Loans are giving to applicants who meet up with the application requirements for COVID19 Loan Support Fund for household and SME applicants.

Survival Fund Grant is still ongoing – Click Here to Register Online

Update on NMFB COVID-19 Loan Payment 2023

Most successful and verified applicants of the covid19 loan have started receiving messages of the loan approval and are been advised to check their loan status with their BVN  on the official covid-19 loan website to update their account details.

As we speak many Nigerians have received their loan worth 250,000, 400,000, 450,000, 500,000, 700,000 and above.

NYIF Application Form 2023: Registration Portal for NYIF Loan via www.nyif.nmfb.com.ng

How to know if you are NMFB COVID-19 Loan 2023 has been Approved?

If your loan has been approved, you will receive an SMS show below or you have not received any message but you applied follow the steps;

Dear Applicant,

Your COVID-19 Loan application is approved. Click on the link https://covid19.nmfb.com.ng to accept offer and receive the fund in your account. For further inquiries please call 09010026900

Once you have received the above message or you did not receive, follow the link and the below instructions;

  1. Now select either HOUSEHOLD or SME
  2. The type in your BVN
  3. The you will see the amount approved for you, if it’s okay the click confirm
  4. A page will display asking you to fill in your BANK DETAILS
  5. Below the page you will see a terms and conduction following with the director in charge of you Payment and his/her details

Link To Check For Covid-19 Household And SME Loan Approval

Kindly click on the links below to check if you have approval.

1) For Household: https://covid19.nmfb.com.ng/HomeLoans

2) For SME: https://covid19.nmfb.com.ng/SmeLoan

How to Repay COVID-19 Loan Support Fund

The 5 percent will be deducted before payment, after payment all you need to repay is amount paid after 36 months. Once your BVN has been linked to all your accounts, when you failed to repay it will be deducted monthly from your account.

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How you will be updated regularly


  1. Yunusa Suleiman Aabdullahi says:

    Please I put my BVN but say don’t exist,I’m sure is correct what’s the problem

    1. basedonnews says:

      Did you apply for the Covid-19 loan

      1. MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR says:

        I have already approved my loans since 4 month back.But unfortunately up to know I did not receive any alerts

        1. basedonnews says:

          It is turn by turn

  2. Yunusa Suleiman Aabdullahi says:


  3. Abdullahi Abu-Ubaida says:

    How do i check my application status, I want to know if am applied or not

  4. I saw the loan page but there is no place to click CONFIRM

  5. Musa Abdullahi says:

    I have received the message since December 8 but just noticed it now, what will i do

    1. basedonnews says:

      Click on the payment status


    I tried checking my loan status but wasn’t working, after inputting my BVN what gave up was BVN does not exist.

    1. basedonnews says:

      It could be that you were not yet shortlisted or BVN is not correct


    I got a message from NMFB says “Dear Applicant
    You have been re- qualified” that I should follow the link below, which I did and all my personal informations popped up. But to check my payment status is the problem, it’s showing BVN does not exist. What should I do now?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Check your BVN and try again

      1. Chinedu chukwuedo says:

        Yes I got the message that said have been pre qualified for the NYIF loan after creating my bvn nd password they showed me application successful but still yet to receive a verify to click on My email address.

  8. hello, i got a message that i have been pre-qualified for the NYIF loan program, a link was provided and i clicked and registered on it, but i have not been able to verify my email. what can i do?

    1. basedonnews says:

      the verification message is yet to be sent, soon it will be sent to all

  9. Godwin Yakubu says:

    i have done everything but yet i have not receive the loan

    1. basedonnews says:

      You will be paid soon

    2. Godwin igenegbai says:

      Has anyone be paid?

  10. wofai lwara egu says:

    pls l have been approve for payment but still havent received any money.pls am l to still wait.

    1. basedonnews says:

      Payment is set by set… it could be that it is not yet your set

  11. Owuda oziohu zuleihat says:

    I applied for the covid-19 support loan since then I have received any message from them

  12. Igenegbai Godwin says:

    I have put my bvn and my account details I haven’t gotten d money, doesn’t mean I will not be paid?

    1. basedonnews says:

      you will be paid

      1. Igenegbai Godwin says:

        Till when is upto 3days now I drop my details with them

        1. basedonnews says:

          Payment is stage by stage… when it gets to you, you will be credited

          1. Godwin igenegbai says:

            Like how many days does it take to get credited when the account details have been supplied

          2. basedonnews says:

            It varies

          3. Igenegbai Godwin says:

            Does it take days, weeks or months?

          4. basedonnews says:


  13. Daniel Lauretta says:

    Its up to 5 days now I received message from Nirsal bank to accept my loan offer. Till now, no alert yet. Should I go and complain to them in their nearest branch close to me? Or should I still wait till the alert comes?

  14. Chinwe Okoro says:

    I tried logging in my BVN but they said it doesn’t exist please what should I do

    1. basedonnews says:

      It could be that your own has not been approved yet

  15. I have been approved since on 21/12/2020 I accepted d offer but up to now no alert pls is their any verification apart from SMS pls contact me thorough my email hamdiyya247@gmail.com bcos d phone number I used its is not working I loss my sim

  16. Chinedu chukwuedo says:

    After i got the message from nmbf that am pre qualified for the NYIF loan after creating and account with my bvn nd password it shows me that My application is successful but still yet to receive to verify my email address.will i be paid for the loan

  17. I applied 31 may 2020, but have not received any message and whenever I input my bvn, it does not exist.

  18. Matthew Simon Egene says:

    I applied for the loan and it was successful. But whenever I put my BVN it will tell me my BVN does not exist what will I do again?

  19. Yinka Akande says:

    I was messaged since February 15,I didn’t no, I just noticed the message,and have been trying to input my bvn and create password it’s saying my bvn does not exist,could it be I can’t access it again since it’s since February.kindly help me pls

  20. Ajagunna Latifat says:

    I just saw the message that have been shortlisted to get the load, when I click on it, it shows that have been shortlisted but where I ought to tick that I read and accept this terms and conditions was changed to I read and rejected this loan, please what can I do about that.

    1. basedonnews says:

      accept if you know is from nmfb

  21. I received a message that I have been pre qualified and a link was also provided for me to fill my information which i did and later said successful . Pls what is the next step?

    1. basedonnews says:

      Have you validated and confirmed the link

  22. Fadayomi Michael gbade says:

    I av been offered bt didn’t get d msg until I checked with my Bvn and nw its saying av rejected d offer pls put me through can I still get it ?

    1. basedonnews says:

      As it stands, nothing can be done from here

  23. My own has been successful bot have not entered my account sense February 15th 2021 way sir, and the tenor is two long for that amount you give me thanks.

    1. basedonnews says:

      Exercise patience

  24. At least consider we that had already been registered last year without been paid till now. Still refilled the supplementary application form again.

    No message nor payment linkyet.

  25. Anthonia okoli says:

    I have registered since three weeks ago I am yet to receive a confirmation message yet, what could be the problem when I tried to register again,they said my application with my bvn number already exist.

    1. basedonnews says:

      It could be an error from their end


    My loan was approved since 16/11/2020 tee now I was not been pay pls what is another process that I will do pls


    Pls I need assistance my loan was approved since 16/11/2020 I have not received the money tee now

    1. basedonnews says:

      Maybe it has not gotten to your turn

  28. Owei Charles says:

    Please I applied for the house hold covid 19 stimulus scheme since last year but any time I check on my approval status what I see is ( sorry your application has not been approved please try again later) I want to know if it Will not be given to me let me stop checking.

    1. basedonnews says:

      It was written boldly, has not been approved maybe not evaluated yet but you can reapply

  29. Awa Kelvin says:

    My was approved on 18 march uptill no no payment
    I feel like crying

    1. basedonnews says:

      It could be that it has not gotten to your turn

  30. Pls I mistakenly press reject instead of approve for my sis money now there is serious problem for me. pls what can be done to rectify it sir?

    1. basedonnews says:

      The system has cancelled it already

      1. Pls what can I do for God.

        1. basedonnews says:

          Give Him thanks always…

  31. Paul Idoko says:

    Please I need the link to apply for the loan

  32. Abdulbari Musa says:

    Is showing me that my bvn does not exist

  33. Ishaq saddam abubakar says:

    Hi when ever i want to validate my bvn it always tells me that bvn does not exist I dont know why

    1. basedonnews says:

      Confirm if the BVN is correct and active


    i applay for loan since last year but if i ceck my bvn they said is not aprove yet please help me aprove my loan and pay me

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